Dalsuni and Bapsuni, AKA: Ren and Jen – two girls made of sugar, spice, and everything salty. Currently living in Korea (Ren in Busan, Jen in Seoul) and absolutely loving it here! They made this blog just to share their life stories and have a place to talk whenever they want, wherever they want!
“Suni” (pronounced soo-ni) is a shortened Korean slang word for bunny. It’s commonly used as an endearment term for girls by their loved ones, mainly attached to a word that means something the girl loves. So read on to learn more about each suni, and what they love and what they do.


Dalsuni, AKA: Ren – “dal” is Korean for moon, which has been an obsession of Ren’s since early childhood. Every notebook she’s owned since 1st grade has been covered in intergalactic bunny doodles.  If it’s got a moon and stars theme, sign her up!  Bunny was also one of her childhood nicknames that has endured to this day and can be seen in almost all of her online screennames.

Growing up a mixed kid in the southern US, Ren got into K-pop and eventually K-culture while trying to connect with her own. At the tender age of 12, she accidentally downloaded some K-pop and it was down the rabbit hole from there! Ren stans multiple groups now, but DBSK was the group that started it all off with their debut when she was 13. DBSK is such a huge part of her life that she even has a tattoo dedicated to ot5. Other than DBSK, her current top loves are Monsta X, BTS, Block B, VIXX, Dean, Jay Park and Hyuna. An official ARMY and MONBEBE, those two groups hold a special place in her heart along with DBSK. As an I-fan, Ren is able to offer insights into the differences between I-fans and K-fans, as well as overall life for a foreigner in Korea. Are the “fads” and fanwars you see on AKP really happening irl? How do you buy concert tickets or join a fanclub? Is the fanclub even worth the money spent?

Other than K-pop, Ren loves cooking, skincare, videogames, sci-fi, and animation.  Her dream is to open a true Cajun restaurant in Korea and spread the love of good home-style American cooking. Before Korea, Ren attended a cosmetology school and is obsessed with trying new skin products, so you can expect a lot of honest reviews about what to spend money on and what to skip. Sensitive skin and want to try out that new Korean facemask you’ve seen plastered all over the internet? Have to stay within a budget and want to know if the product actually does what it says? Ren has the answers and the VIP memberships at various brands to find out. When not cooking for friends, immersed in a good sci-fi novel, or binge watching a new show, she’s at the pc room trying to get the golden D.Va guns. If it’s nerdy, Ren’s into it.


Bapsuni, AKA: Jen – “bap” means rice and/or food in Korean. In other words, Jen lives for food. She knows all the best eats: where it’s good, where it’s cheap, and how to get there! Meat-lovers rejoice for she is one of you and hits up meat-buffets like her second home (like, they know her there. Don’t judge). She also loves nothing more than to chill back at a cafe afterwards for some good cake and conversation.
But don’t think eating is all she does. This girl has another love in her life: DBSK (that’s really how she and Ren met). A fan since 2004 (she was 10!), she has been an avid follower of the group since and loves them now, post-split and all. Unlike Ren, Jen chooses to love one group only (actually two now but she just can’t pick a side) but don’t think she knows any less about K-pop and the Hallyu Wave in general. Her massive collection of albums and DVDs is enough to tell you she knows how to get the good stuff, and she makes it a POINT to go to all the Korean events that’s happening with any of her boys. Concert? So there. Fanmeeting? Yup. A free event which will require some overnight roughin’ it just to make sure she can get in? Well, she did it before and she can do it again. Knowing and understanding Korean also gives Jen an advantage, and she’s been sharing and translating news updates and SNS posts for years. She even translated an entire musical script once! As a veteran fan, she knows all the insider tips and tricks to make the most out of any fan event. And as a Korean with a deep, ingrained understanding of Korean culture and mindset, she may even be able to answer all those nagging questions you’ve had about Koreans in general. Like, why do they not want their idols to date? Why is the military enlistment such a big deal? What’s the deal with all the drinking games? And most importantly, um…why do they freak out about foreigners (oh, come on. Don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed).
Together, these two sunis hope to present their stay in Korea: the good, the bad, and all in between. With two such different people working together, you can expect different perspectives, ideas, and even opposite sides on the going-ons of Korean daily life. But perhaps that’s what makes this blog so interesting -anyone is welcome no matter their history, preferences, or ideas. So check it out, stick around, and leave a comment or ten. Welcome to SuniSuni~